How to win the Cold-Chain-War?

The last estimate noted that the global frozen foods market grew from around an estimated $165.4 billion (2009) to $199.5 billion (2014).Food accounts for a majority of refrigerated stocks in cold storages in India. Besides food, cold storage is important to other industries, including medical, chemicals, and electronics.

With the need, for cold storage constantly rising there is need to improvements in the strategic solutions that go towards keeping the products cold at operating costs that are affordable. To understand the utility of cold storage systems kindly read on.

Food spoilage and Food waste. Close to one third of the world’s food supply is wasted annually. As a major contributor, food spoilage represents an environmental problem as well as an ethical issue. Besides physical damage, browning and staling, molds and yeasts cause  significant food waste.

Right environmentally controlled facility 

The whole crux of operating cold chain logistics lies in ensuring that optimum cold storage temperature for the product in storage and at the same time keeping operators and system equipment within a warmth range for correct functioning. There are various ways of maintaining functional efficacy in extreme cold work conditions.

For instance:

  • Switches on cold storage scanning devices are large enough so that you can make them out while wearing work gloves. At the same time, sensitive touch screens respond to a gloved touch.
  • Low temperatures have an undesirable impact on battery condition, resulting in around 40% degradation in battery life. Therefore, devices in cold storage are fitted with seals so that they could with stand switches in temperature from the freezer to outside conditions.
  • 3 different temperature chambers/storages in Kausar – frozen (0 degree to -22degree) – ice creams , chilled (+1 -to +4 degree) , ambient (+5 – room temperature)
  • The warehouse structure is such that the pipelines releasing ammonia gas, which keeps the chambers, cool.
  • More than 25 ammonia leak detectors are set inside the warehouse – which helps take emergency steps when such crisis arises. This ensures safety of the workers in the warehouse.

Right Regulations

It is also required that your cold storage management stays updated with the latest regulatory environment. Regulations will change from one country to another country. In this regard, the transit partner would have complete knowledge regarding these customs and only they cantake your shipments through the process with ease. Gati’s cold chain solution adheres to ISO standards – 9001 which is trucking standards & also ISO 22000 – food safety

cold chain

Right Warehousing

The right warehousing for cold chain storage takes into consideration an economically sustainable model that is high on technology, yet easy to maintain and simple to run.

  • There have been many strides in lighting technology in recent years with the coming of LED lighting for most warehouses and cold storage facilities. One example will be the LED High Bay fixtures that have 10-year warranties.Then there are integrated control systems that control all the lighting inside the facility centrally. The LED segment changes and updates fast and keeps bringing up various opportunities to stay up to date with changing technology.
  • Automating the repetitive labour processes in the warehouse can relieve bottle necks that occur when those areas fail to keep up with the efficiency gains at other parts of the line. It also lowers labour costs, offering substantial long-term savings that many companies need to stay competitive in today’s market.
  • Warehouse Management System is utilised for the management of the stock in the warehouse. Each WMS is backed by a methodology. For instance, Gati logistics follows the FEFO – methodology, which is First Expiry, First out from the warehouse. Products that are perishables life are taken out first from the warehouse on priority basis.

Right Courier

Once your cold storage company has signed collaborating with the right cold chain courier partner you will see that your partner has an updated understanding with airline carriers and in-depth know of how carriers work. Here the corner stone is the courier partner’s ability to properly deal with a shipper’s transport duration for material that is temperature sensitive.

 Right Packaging

Proper packaging is the one of the most important factors when running a cold chain services company. Temperature and time are the other two factors deciding the success of your cold chain supply. Packaging decides whether your operations are handle temperature and time properly. This means that your operations will have to bring in the right designs in packaging as per the temperature range and application required for your supply chain.Employees are trained to handle the stocks with utmost care & precision. Gati logistic provider scarry out the process of Kitting – de kitting –a value added service provided for its customer. Lastly, you will ensure that rips and tears do not haunt your stock and that the staff you employed is properly trained in packaging of the products. Your temperature reading devices will also have to be positioned and calibrated for accuracy.

Ambion System – Your quality assurance!

The wise entrepreneurs win the cold chain war with the help of Ambion System. Forget about losses caused buy food spoilage. The Ambion System will alert you of any overruns needed by mail or sms! Don’t waste precious time on unnecessary things. With Ambion System You have the option of filling out the HACCP report automatically! Finally, your business can easily meet all the ISO 22000 and HACCP standards. Ambion System for extraordinary business!

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